Sarah Breed

Sarah enjoys empowering people to manage their emotions and behaviours, improve attention and concentration, develop social skills and social awareness, and improve their overall independence with everyday tasks. Sarah has a keen interest in working with people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Developmental Delays as well as people with physical limitations.

After completing her Occupational Therapy studies at Deakin University, Sarah has since had experience working as an OT for Autism Spectrum Australia and Paralympics Australia, as well as in private practice and hospital rehabilitation settings.

Sarah lives locally and has two young children. She understands the importance of providing a service that is tailored for the individual, and is specific to their home, school and community environments. Interventions used aim to develop confidence in the person, family and support networks that she is supporting.

Sarah believes in a team based approach and regularly communicates with other Therapists, Support Coordinators, Paediatricians, and Support Workers to ensure that the support team is working collaboratively.