Group Therapy Events.

Our interest-based therapeutic groups allow you to forge genuine connections with peers who share similar experiences and gain access to affordable yet inclusive therapy.

Upcoming events and group therapy calendar


Starting 16 May

Calm Me, Calm You

A 6-week group for parents and caregivers to learn about self-compassion, attunement and parental regulation with experienced trauma-informed therapists. 

For Parents & Caregivers


Starting 16 May

Play at OKAY

An evidence-based 6 week playgroup program for 3 to 5-year-olds led by an experienced Group Theraplay® Specialist and Occupational Therapist.

For Pre-School Children

Events Calendar

We are always creating new groups and events tailored to accommodate a range of interests and age groups.

If you don’t find a group that suits your interests or fits your schedule, subscribe to be notified about upcoming events and group sessions tailored just for you.

Our groups have previously included educational programs such as prep readiness, high school readiness, teen talks and neuroaffirming education, to school holiday programs with a specific purpose such as mindful mates.

OKAY Online

If group therapy doesn’t work for you, our online learning portal holds a range of educational resources, interactive webinars, and pre-recorded modules, that are self-paced for busy lives.

These modules have been designed to empower you with knowledge and practical skills to navigate various aspects of life, from parenting to personal growth and professional development.

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At OKAY Therapy, our one-to-one services include occupational therapy, speech therapy, play therapy, and social work, with access to therapy assistants. Additionally, we provide interest-based group therapy, online learning, parent support networks, and community partnerships.

If you’ve discussed a plan with your GP or specialist and know which service you require, please include this information in your referral. We highly recommend an intake assessment if unsure about the most suitable service.

While our waitlist times can vary, our team constantly monitors availability and offers appointments as they become available. Please complete a referral and we will advise service availability tailored to your unique needs.

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