Occupational Therapy

Utilising a trauma-informed approach, we empower families and children to improve participation and engagement in meaningful everyday activities. 

We do this by developing personalised strategies, supporting relationships and modifying environments to promote their unique well-being and quality of life.

About Occupational Therapy

About Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapy services cater to children, adolescents, and young adults, offering a comprehensive range of supports. Our diverse team of therapists stay up to date with the latest interventions and theories, spanning various therapeutic domains.

We champion in:

How could group therapy support you and your family?

How could group therapy support you and your family?

We recognise the power of shared experiences and offer group therapy sessions that foster community and connection. In these supportive and inclusive environments, you can engage with others with similar experiences, share insights, and learn from one another.

We believe therapy and support should be accessible to every family. If individual therapy isn’t a viable option or the right fit, our group therapies provide a welcoming path to explore and understand your authentic self.

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At OKAY Therapy, our one-to-one services include occupational therapy, speech therapy, play therapy, and social work, with access to therapy assistants. Additionally, we provide interest-based group therapy, online learning, parent support networks, and community partnerships.

If you’ve discussed a plan with your GP or specialist and know which service you require, please include this information in your referral. We highly recommend an intake assessment if unsure about the most suitable service.

While our waitlist times can vary, our team constantly monitors availability and offers appointments as they become available. Please complete a referral and we will advise service availability tailored to your unique needs.

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