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Innovative therapy approaches for children, families, schools and workplaces.

Welcome to our supportive community, where warm hearts and friendly faces await.

Sarah Breed

Director and Senior Occupational Therapist

Belinda Micallef

Clinical Manager and Senior Occupational Therapist

Caz Morris

Senior Occupational Therapist

Laura Murrihy

Senior Occupational Therapist, Colac Area

Caitlin Mackey

Senior Speech Therapist

Zander Laidlaw

Occupational Therapist

Claire Leeson

Administration Support

Linda Percy

Clinical Manager and
Senior Occupational Therapist

Zoe Jones

Therapy Assistant

Alana Cross

Occupational Therapist

Katie Ashbolt

Speech Therapist

Lauri Phyland

Speech Therapist

Perri Jones

Occupational Therapist

Mikayla Hellmann

Therapy Assistant

Sarina A’Vard

Occupational Therapist

Sam Evans

Therapy Assistant

Emily Murfitt

Occupational Therapist

Isobel Carmichael

Occupational Therapist

Elle Geier

Speech Therapist

Melita Bond

Social Worker - Group Theraplay® Specialist/Trainer and practitioner based on Theraplay® principles

Jasna Howarth

Occupational Therapist

Maddie Burt

Speech Therapist

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At OKAY Therapy, our one-to-one services include occupational therapy, speech therapy, play therapy, and social work, with access to therapy assistants. Additionally, we provide interest-based group therapy, online learning, parent support networks, and community partnerships.

If you’ve discussed a plan with your GP or specialist and know which service you require, please include this information in your referral. We highly recommend an intake assessment if unsure about the most suitable service.

While our waitlist times can vary, our team constantly monitors availability and offers appointments as they become available. Please complete a referral and we will advise service availability tailored to your unique needs.

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