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Your needs are at the heart of everything we do as our family-centred methodology is here to position you as the expert.

Our supportive
therapeutic services

Our supportive
therapeutic services

Our warm and empathetic therapeutic approach is embodied in informed, evidence-based practice. We are here to create a safe and nurturing space for you and your family to be seen, heard and supported.

We support you in taking steps towards a lifestyle and environment that promotes your unique well-being and quality of life for your child and your entire family.

We recognise the power of shared experiences and offer group therapy sessions that foster community and connection. In these supportive and inclusive environments, you can engage with others with similar experiences, share insights, and learn from one another.
Utilising a trauma-informed approach, we empower families and children to improve participation and engagement in meaningful everyday activities. We do this by developing personalised strategies, supporting relationships and modifying environments to promote their unique well-being and quality of life.
We use inclusive communication styles to support skill development in language, communication, self-advocacy, literacy and authentic social connections.
We support families and individuals with kindness and empathy to enhance positive parent-child relationships, and family and sibling relationships using trauma-informed play-based therapy and counselling.
We support children to develop positive coping strategies and apply creative problem-solving skills to reduce anxiety and stress by learning to experience and express their feelings through play. Play therapy also encourages the development of language and motor skills.
Our compassionate networking opportunities are designed to introduce families to vital advice and practical skills for navigating the difficulties of parenting and advocating for neurodivergent children. By connecting parents and carers, we can cultivate a supportive network where no one feels alone.
Our online learning portal holds a range of educational resources, interactive webinars, and pre-recorded modules, that are self-paced for busy lives. These modules have been designed to empower you with knowledge and practical skills to navigate various aspects of life, from parenting to personal growth and professional development.
Our team of caring therapy assistants help implement the therapy plans created by qualified therapists. Having therapy assistants within our team enable more effective use of therapy funding and further support families to implement therapy strategies and recommendations.
This is a gentle, non-invasive therapy developed by the founder of Polyvagal Theory, Dr Stephen Porges, that involves listening to a specifically formulated sequence of filtered music. The music has been designed to re-tune the nervous system which activates a sense of safety and helps the individual connect with themselves and others.

Why choose
group therapy?

Although individual therapy is an important and necessary tool for some, the benefits of surrounding yourself with others going through life’s similar journeys are extremely powerful. Engaging in interest-based therapeutic groups allows children to create authentic connections with like-minded peers while also accessing cost-effective and inclusion-focused therapy.

Resources for
parents and caregivers

Resources for
parents and caregivers

Our parent and family focused supports offer practical advice and knowledge about neurodiversity and understanding neurodivergent thinkers. These resourses provide the tools to empower you to feel confident in advocating for your family’s needs and being the expert in your child.

New to Neurodiversity

This glossary will help you learn more about the language commonly used within neurodivergent communities.

Window of Tolerance

Everyone has an a unique window of tolerance. Read about wide and narrow windows of tolerance and some key symptoms in distinguishing these.

Learning Tool

Everyone learns differently. What should the expectations be around fidget or learning tools in the classroom?

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At OKAY Therapy, our one-to-one services include occupational therapy, speech therapy, play therapy, and social work, with access to therapy assistants. Additionally, we provide interest-based group therapy, online learning, parent support networks, and community partnerships.

If you’ve discussed a plan with your GP or specialist and know which service you require, please include this information in your referral. We highly recommend an intake assessment if unsure about the most suitable service.

While our waitlist times can vary, our team constantly monitors availability and offers appointments as they become available. Please complete a referral and we will advise service availability tailored to your unique needs.

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