Supporting School Inclusion.

We work with schools and education partners to integrate trauma-informed and inclusion-focused best practices. This approach fosters educational environments where neurodivergent learning needs are met and all students feel seen and understood.

About our Community Partnerships

We meet schools where they are, providing consultation, training, and specialised support services grounded in an inclusion-focused best practice model. We focus on empowering staff to build their toolbox of trauma-informed and inclusive strategies for all students. This bank of strategies cultivates engaging learning environments, student participation and support for the prevention of staff burnout.

Tailoring our approach to each school allows us to further expand on the existing strengths of the school system and plant seeds of change as we continue to cultivate inclusive learning communities.

Resources for Educators

To help build your inclusive school community, we offer access to free information to add to your knowledge and tool kit of practical strategies; all approved by a neuroaffirming and trauma-informed therapy team.

ADHD Adjustments & Accommodations

From adjustments and accommodations, individual support strategies and movement and sensory regulation tools, learn how to best support students with ADHD.


Everyone learns differently. What should the expectations be around fidget or learning tools in the classroom?


When the nervous system detects a threat it actively seeks to keep you safe, moving you into the commonly known – fight, flight, freeze states. Learn more about the vagus nerve responsible for its activation.

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