Supporting Workplace Inclusion.

We work with workplaces, employers and their teams to integrate inclusion-focused best practices. 

Workplace consults, training and inclusive best practice

Our tailored programs equip teams with practical strategies through interactive workshops that systematically explore the experience of customers and employees from start to finish.

We work with teams to identify meaningful changes that enhance inclusive customer experiences. These changes can include understanding communication styles, common neurodivergent client experiences, and environmental considerations to support these.

All workshops are tailored to teach inclusion and promote psychological safety balanced with productivity so all people feel inspired to be part of a team.

Resources for Workplaces

Our online learning portal and resources holds a wealth of educational resources, interactive webinars, pre-recorded modules, and self-paced courses designed to empower you with knowledge and practical skills to navigate various aspects of your workplace, interactions with customers, the customer experience and professional development.

Window of Tolerance

Everyone has a unique window of tolerance. Read about wide and narrow windows of tolerance and some key symptoms in distinguishing these.

ADHD Adjustments & Accommodations

From adjustments and accommodations, individual support strategies and movement and sensory regulation tools, learn how to best support students with ADHD.

Polyvagal Theory

When the nervous system detects a threat it actively seeks to keep you safe, moving you into the commonly known – fight, flight, freeze states. Learn more about the vagus nerve responsible for its activation.

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